Working with our friends

Rather than ‘customers’ or ‘clients’, we consider the people we work with as friends. Our office feels like home, and we invite you to join the family when you choose to work with us. We take our guests on a journey from potential customer to a friend through honest communication, building trust and loyalty.

We don’t mind what state your finances and filing system is in when we meet. In fact, one of our top skills is taking that plastic bag of paperwork off your hands, replacing it with a cup of tea and helping you to make sense of what’s inside.

We approach your situation in the same way we approach a jigsaw puzzle. We invite you to tip the pieces out onto our coffee table and let us help you to find the picture within, together. You may be wondering exactly how our first meeting will go. We know that it can be scary to meet a financial adviser for the first time; even the tenth meeting is anxiety-inducing for some!

That’s where Together Financial Solutions is different. We aren’t here to scare you or make you feel bad about your situation. We’re here to help you get to where you want to be. We’re going to hold your hand and stand by your side for the whole journey, and when you reach your goals, we’ll be there to give you a hug and say ‘Congrats! You did it!’

Our first meeting is entirely in your control. The when, where and how is up to you. We’re not tied to our desks. Whether you feel most comfortable in a café, park or your living room, we’ll be there. And the best part of our first meeting? It’s on us, so don’t worry about how much it’s going to cost; we’ve got it covered. That allows you to come in and find out a little more about us and we can find out a little more about you.

We don’t work with ‘fixed fees,’ but before we undertake any work for you, we will be completely upfront and explain the costs to you.

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We are helping people improve their financial health

“Gideon has been efficient and worked effortlessly on everything we have asked of him in a very tight timescale. Very valued member of your team.”

“Karen Murphy was absolutely excellent! Very responsive and went out of her way to make things run smoothly. Kevin Ellicott was also very helpful.”

“Ally has given us excellent advice and made some suggestions which we would never have thought of. Jackie has kept us very informed. Thank you.”

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