Helping hands

At some stage we may need to call in at least one of these, so why call in a complete stranger? By getting to know you and your family, our team can recommend trusted professionals to handle your personal requirements confidentially.

Together Financial Solutions – a team to rely on

It’s the professional ‘helpers’ that can make our financial lives much less taxing. Their knowledge and experience can save us hours of worrying. For example, as a property owner, if you want to be sure that your home and assets go to the people you choose, you need to make a Will. Many of us never find the time to get around to it, but imagine how much more difficult it would be for your family after you’re gone if you didn’t take the time to get organised now.

Struggling and juggling with debts is a much more common anxiety these days, and one that can be resolved through a structured debt solution strategy. Life is for enjoying, not for worrying about money, so make the conscious decision to put aside your worries and ask for professional advice.

These solutions on the right are generally not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we will facilitate a recommendation by referring to a specialist.

Helping hands

  • A solicitor for a property purchase
  • A specialist to write a Will
  • A financier to handle a bridging loan
  • A lender for a secured loan
  • Someone to manage your debts
  • An Estate Agent to sell your home
  • An Independent Surveyor
  • An Accountant to look after your business

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